Toshiba brings quantum encryption at a record distance

Researchers from Toshiba invented a new way to use the laws of quantum mechanics to send secure messages using modern technology. Using their ideas it is possible to send protected data to a distance of 550 kilometers. The encryption key in this case cannot be obtained by any of known methods.

Companies and scientists are constantly scratching their heads over how to apply quantum mechanics to modern technological products. One of the more ambitious scenarios is data encryption. Part of this idea is already implemented, but it is not good enough when transferring data over long distances. Researchers from Toshiba have decided that it is able to transmit data at distances of up to 550 kilometers.

Two users at a great distance from each other can give the electric field in a certain quantum state and send them via fiber optic cable to the center, where two fields are coming together and will be subject to quantum interference. Each user receives the result of measurement of a single photon, which can be used as a hidden quantum key to decrypt the messages of these users.

Info about Toshiba invented the way of using the laws of quantum mechanics appeared in the journal Nature and at the moment is purely theoretical. However, in the next year Toshiba is planning to hold a demonstration, and then for two years to create a prototype of a working method of data exchange.

Many scientists believe that the future of quantum key distribution in the future the world will be safe entangled quantum networks, which will be sent genetic data, government data and other information requiring a high degree of protection.

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