Tor reduces its dependence on government grants American

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تور Tor يقلل من اعتماده على المنح الحكومية الأمريكية

Directly facing the Tor Project the Tor Project is open source, which provides a safer way to access the internet, the diversification of its funding sources away from the adopted long-on region of the United States government, where he announced the non-profit organization that stands behind the service, which means The Onion Router, this week achieved a record by collecting $ 460 thousand dollars from individual donors in 2018, as shown by the financial information that was recently released that the organization has achieved a record in 2017 the capacity of 4.13 million thanks to growth in the non-governmental donors of America.

The increase in total individual donations up to $ 400 thousand dollars more than that collected by the organization in 2017, and a big part of that achievement to the Mozilla Foundation Mozilla is an ally directly to the Tor Project the Tor Project, which pledged again to double all individual contributions in the final months of the year, the Tor Project, it attracted contributions from 115 countries around the world in 2018, reflecting its importance outside the United States.

Comes donation amount standard weeks after the detection of a draft TOR for the latest financial statements for the year 2017, which shows that it has reduced its dependence on the interests of the United States government, which was a key objective for some time, especially after allegations that the FBI had paid researchers to the University Carnegie Mellon to help break the encryption of Tor, which served as the main motive of the ad campaign fundraising in 2015.

Acquired the US government in 2015 on the ratio of between 80 to 90 percent of the financial support for the project, but the proportion dropped to slightly more than 50 percent in 2017, has been submitted to the government agency Swedish the amount of 600 thousand dollars, besides donations of companies such as Mozilla of $ 520 thousand and $ DuckDuckGo $ 25 thousand dollars, and more than 400 thousand dollars from a group of private institutions.

It uses Tor by Edward Snowden Edward Snowden, a former contractor with the US National Security Agency NSA, which blew a big scandal around the leadership of the agency to exercise customs control, and the Tor Project resource is a necessary, increasingly under the leadership of governments around the world taking firm action against internet, the Tor browser on it one of the most important projects of non-profit most famous.

The project worked continuously over the past year on making the technology used more easily, where they launched a non-profit organization is the first browser official for Android in the month of September, also launched in the same month the new version of the browser TorBrowser 8.0, which depends on the structure of the Firefox browser quantum 2017.

The organization has worked closely with the Mozilla Foundation to introduce Tor in Firefox browser Firefox, which is what also happened with the browser and Brave, and in addition to the browser and the Tor network the Tor itself, which are designed to minimize the possibility of network monitoring, the organization also developed a range of other projects, according to their data, there are more than two million people use the service.

The gate Arab News Technical Tor reduces its dependence on government grants American

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