Tor Browser up officially for Android and lets you browse the web in complete privacy

Tor Browser

Enjoy browsers such as Google Chrome feature called ” Incognito | Incognito Mode ” which aims to help keep your browsing sessions private as much as possible. However, sometimes this feature does not work as intended, this means that there is still some work to be done to ensure you get the browsing session private. However, if you don’t mind using an alternative browser, you may be interested to know that the Tor Browser had officially arrived to Android.

Was browser Tor Browser for Android under development a while ago so that was the version of the trial version of this browser for the first time in September of last year. However, the team announced the Tor Project to the first official version of this browser for Android now available for those interested, this means that they can go ahead and take advantage of the browser.

And for those who tend to view the technical details have remained the Tor network something mysterious due to the complex steps necessary to contact. However, will the Tor browser to get rid of some of these complexities and make the whole process clearer to users.

Because the browser is based on Mozilla Firefox, there will be features and amenities may relate to them. It is interesting to care to find Mozilla has previously announced it would explore the possibility of merging contact Tor in the browser Chrome to provide a ” Browsing Mode Ultra privacy ” for users. If you are interested to verify the Tor browser for Android, and he moved up to the store of Google Play Store and download it from there.

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