Top features of the OnePlus 6T will appear on older smartphones

Some of the features the OnePlus 6T, which was presented yesterday, will be available on older models of branded smartphones OnePlus. One of them will be the advanced night mode called Nightscape for OnePlus 6. This is stated in the official statement of the representatives of the manufacturer. Beta updates by innovation is now available for download to owners of the flagship smartphone OnePlus the previous generation, participated in the program of pre-testing.

Mode Nightscape from OnePlus works on the same principle as the Night Sight from Google. It makes pictures taken in low light, more light, allowing to distinguish even the smallest details. And thanks to advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence such pictures not inferior in quality to traditional, offering the highest level of detail and the almost complete lack of detail and absence of artifacts.


In addition, it is reported that OnePlus 6, in addition to the Nightscape, will be supported by an expanded system of sign control and mode Studio Lightning. It is a kind of analogue of “Portrait lighting” from iOS, which allows you to take pictures similar in quality to the Studio. From the traditional portrait photos, they differ in that the background behind your subject is not blurred and dimmed, mimicking the effect achieved by the lighting professional.

OnePlus 6T was presented yesterday at the presentation in new York. In fact, the event dedicated to the flagship smartphone of the new generation, should have been held today, but due to the Apple event, the leadership of the Chinese company took the decision to postpone the release. New, despite full hardware identity with the model of the previous generation, received a modified appearance with teardrop-shaped cut-out in the display, increased battery and a number of exclusive software features.

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