Top compact smartphones with the most “enduring” battery

With the development of the mobile market the display size of smartphones continues to grow. This is, without a doubt, perfectly, because the display is big enough to fit more information. And use multimedia features where as it is comfortable. But that’s not all the “shovels” have to taste. Moreover, not every great smartphone is easy to use with one hand, and some of them do not fit into a pocket. But even if you find a compact smartphone like, how good is its battery? Indeed, in comparison with “big brothers” it has a much smaller capacity. We will try to help you in this matter.

Analyzing data from small smartphones at work after a full charge, you can easily figure out if you have enough of a particular device. Of course, it all depends on how long you work with your phone, because if you use the device not too active, then you can safely take almost any of on the market. However, synthetic tests can identify the most “tenacious” smartphone.

All smartphones have been tested with a display brightness of 200 nits. For comparison, a typical brightness of a computer display is located in the area from 200 to 350 nits

All phones running Android in this ranking have screens with Full HD resolution, but among all the gadgets clearly pulled into the lead Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact. Quite a bit behind Honor 10 and Pixel 2 Google. Quite competitive the top three. However, if the battery life for you not so critical, then where better to look to a more new Google Pixel 3, which, among other things, has many settings to further extend the battery life.

It is also worth noting the fact, which is very pleasant in all respects Samsung Galaxy S9 has a modest off-line operation. But we hope that this omission, the South Korean company will fix its new Galaxy S10, which promises to be a very interesting device.

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