Top 5 trends in the smartphone market in 2019

2018 may be for the smartphone market the most unfortunate. This year for the first time recorded a drop in sales of smartphones in the global market. The reason for this is the lack of significant changes and the overcoming of the threshold of quality cheap smartphones. Buying the machine for $ 200, you can not worry about the quality of the display or performance. In simple words, users do not see the point in upgrading. What will please us in 2019? What factors motivate consumers to purchase a new smartphone?


The 5G technology is probably the main reason because of which consumers just have to abandon the old devices. OnePlus, LG and Samsung have already confirmed their desire to launch 5G-smartphone in 2019. Internet speed, at first glance, not much impact on the development of the technology market in General, but this view is mistaken. 5G will allow developers to seriously approach the development of smart cities, for example.

Flexible smartphones

Samsung have unveiled a prototype flexible Galaxy Flex. In 2019, Huawei, ZTE and other companies plan to introduce a flexible device. They should encourage consumers, because we are talking about a completely new form factor.

The holes in the screen

Of course, this is only an interim solution, in the second half of 2019, all smartphones will not have any holes, however, this option is clearly better than the wide cut.

Scanners under the display

The scanner under the display is already widely used by many companies. OnePlus has released the 6T, Meizu pleased with the output of the 16th. The scanner under the display get Galaxy S10, A10 and many other smartphones in 2019.


High performance in 2019 is not a surprise, but a good camera can! It is obvious that companies will be more amazing solutions in this area. For example, Huawei not so long ago introduced an inexpensive smartphone with a 48-Megapixel module, and LG working on a smartphone with 16 cameras.

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