Top 5 smart phones for the games through the 2019

Evolved games smart phones significantly in the past few years, which prompted companies to manufacture smartphones designed specifically for the games, which includes a range of features such as: super-fast processor, and cooling systems, advanced controls, special games, and a larger size at the rate of update is higher, and bigger battery, so you can play games like: Fortnite وPUBG Mobile easily.

Users can now smart phone games now have access to a wide range of phones which meet their needs such as: Razer Phone 2, the Asus ROG, وNubia Red Magic Mars, the Xiaomi Black Shark. The cost of these phones match phones leading with the highest prices such as: Galaxy S10 وPixel 3 and OnePlus 7 Pro in specifications, not price.

Also enjoy phones Apple: iPhone XS, iPhones XR processor more powerful, and access to the newest games, and exclusive, but phones Apple lacks features, tools and game controls, unlike Android phones leading, the iPhone is expensive, where the starting price of the iPhone XS of $ 999, while the price range of the most notable phones of the ad hoc games between 385 to $ 900 dollars, as is evident in the following table:


Asus ROG

Razer Phone 2

Nubia Red Magic Mars

Xiaomi Black Shark

OnePlus 7 Pro


$ 900.

$ 500 .

499 dollars.

385 USD.

669 USD.

Internal storage space

128 GB.

64 GB.

128 GB.

64 GB.

128 GB.


8 GB.

8 GB.

8 GB.

6 GB.

6 GB.

Note: most of the phones existing in the previous table with a processor Snapdragon 845, which operates a range of phones leading such as: Samsung Note 9, the phone OnePlus 6T, a Google Pixel 3.

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The following are the leading 5 smart phones for games through 2019:

1. the phone Asus ROG:

أبرز 5 هواتف ذكية للألعاب خلال عام 2019

Support Asus the Taiwanese smartphone dedicated for gaming Asus ROG – which carries the brand Republic of Gamers – design characteristic and risks of the games, and specifications of strong internal, system cooling three-dimensional, accessories smart to experience the game better, which makes it of the best phones games on the market.

Phone works processor Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm; the eight-core frequency of up to 2.96 GHz, with a processing unit the graphics Adreno 630. This provides the processor speed required to play, and better efficiency in energy consumption, as well as to reduce the choking heat, thanks to the cooling system, the phone also comes with a cooling fan external AeroActive Cooler detachable, fastened on the back.

Comes phone the Asus ROG screen of the type AMOLED size 6 inches and accurately 1080×2160 pixels, the densities of 402 pixels as per inch, and supports HDR feature meaning update of 90 hertz in the second, it offers a refresh rate this high animated images more smooth, response time is less.

The most important characteristic of this phone is the support of the three sensors bearing the name of AirTriggers technology uses ultrasound, and programmable, to provide possibilities for additional control during game play.

The phone comes with several optional accessories that increase its capabilities, and includes: charging base TwinView Dock with a second screen turning the phone to ROG to the device a dual screen, and the PC – to run games on the desktop computer by connecting a screen, mouse, and an external keyboard while using the phone to ROG as a help – game console, Gamevice to provide possibilities of control similar to the Nintendo Switch to broadcast games wirelessly on huge TV screens.

هاتف Asus-ROG

The phone also offers developed a new dedicated games called X-Mode, lets you close all processes that are running in the background with a single click, and customize the RAM available to play, which improves the performance further.

Phone working Asus ROG with a battery capacity of 4000 Ma/H, support fast charging technology with capacity of 30 watts, it also comes with most of the gaming peripherals you need, the only downside in this phone; it is a high price where the price to $ 900.

2 – phone Razer Phone 2:

أبرز 5 هواتف ذكية للألعاب خلال عام 2019

If you are looking for phone games can adopt it in your daily use, to call my Razer Phone 2 is an ideal choice for you, as it’s the only phone in the list that supports the features of the flagship phones such as: resistance to water and dust according to IP67, and wireless.

Comes phone Razer Phone 2 screen-type IGZO IPS LCD display, measuring 5.7 inches and accurately 1440×2560 pixels and density of 513 pixels as per inch, and supports a refresh rate up to 120 hertz per second, which makes the animation look like the safety of the pages of the scroll, as the graphics appear clearer.

Phone works processor Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm with a frequency of 2.80 GHz, the unit for processing graphics Adreno 630, with random access memory capacity of 8 GB, and internal storage space with a capacity of 64 GB, and can be expanded through external memory cards microSD up to 1 TB.

The company adopted the system of cooling of the steam, used in laptop computers of their own, and devoted to games. The phone comes built-in speakers dual front and at the top and bottom edges.

Phone works with a battery capacity of 4000 Ma/H, and supports wireless charging technology, it also improved the battery life a lot with the operating system update Android 9 Pie.

The most important characteristic of this phone now that its price dropped from $ 800 to $ 500, which makes it a better choice now.

3 – phone Nubia Red Magic Mars:

هاتف Nubia Red Magic Mars

Comes phone Nubia Red Magic Mars screen type LTPS IPS LCD display, 6 inches, and accurately 1080×2160 pixels, the densities of 402 pixels as per inch, and about 78.3% of the front of the phone.

No different this phone in the performance of the two phones ex, where the processor itself, but it is less in price this feature, but the downside is it is in the specification of the screen.

The phone is priced at 399 $ for the same RAM capacity of 6 GB, and internal storage space with a capacity of 64 GB, priced at 499 USD for the same RAM capacity of 8 GB, and internal storage space capacity of 128 GB.

The company announced the ZTE over the past week about the new version of the phone carries the name Nubia Red Magic Mars 3, works processor Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm, with a display of type OLED, with 6.65 inches and accurately 1080×2340 pixels, the density of 388 pixels in an inch per hour, the rate of update 90 Herzog, the fan indoor. There is no doubt that these improvements are great, but this version was launched in China first, it is expected that up to world markets by next June.

4 – phone the Xiaomi Black Shark:

هاتف Xiaomi Black Shark

Phone Shawty Black Shark; Is phone least price in the menu today, although it has several features including: support for a new type of cooling systems, processor and image signal ISP that provides the colors more vivid, the performance is smooth in general, in addition to the huge battery capacity of 4000 Ma/previous support fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0.

The phone comes with a screen type IPS LCD, size 5.99 inches and accurately 1080×2160 pixels and density of 403 pixels in an inch per hour.

The phone Shawty in performance with the previous phones, where the processor itself, but at least the price between them, and comes with two options of RAM with a capacity of 6 or 8 GB, when of internal storage space with a capacity of 64 or 128 GB.

Available with the phone an extra accessory called a Gamepad 2.0 is priced at $ 89, features a design more consistent, similar to the Nintendo Switch.

When you launch the price phone Black Shark is about $ 499, but today you can find it for about $ 380 only.

As announced by the Shawnee during the month of March last a new version of the phone under the name Black Shark 2, with the specifications of the stronger, where he works with a processor Snapdragon 855 the newest, and greatest technology supports multi-touch 3D Touch-like the property of existing in the iPhone, the sensor fingerprint built-in screen, the accessories controller adjustable on the left, and right. The phone is available for sale currently in China at a price of $ 475, almost, but until now the police didn’t know about when facing the world.

5 – phone OnePlus 7 Pro:

هاتف one-pluse-7-pro

Outperform phone OnePlus 7 Pro on the rest of the phones existing in the existing in terms of design, as the phone comes with a new design and fun, in the front of the phone we will notice the lack of any bump in the screen, the front camera is a camera popup, and hidden within the structure of the device, show only when you need it.

The phone comes with a screen-type Fluid AMOLED, size 6.67 inches, and accurately 1440 × 3120 pixels, with densities of 512 Pixels in inches per hour, and provides a sensor and a fingerprint built-in screen. It allows you to screen enjoy the experience of a high-resolution display QHD+, the rate of update of 90 Hz.

Phone OnePlus 7 Pro processor Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm; the eight-core with a frequency of 2.84 GHz, and according to 7 nm, provides higher performance by 45% than the previous version Snapdragon 845, in addition to improve the graphics processing unit by 20%, the ability of artificial intelligence is three times stronger, with better efficiency in energy consumption.

It comes with three options of RAM RAM with a capacity of 6 or 8 or 12 GB, and two options for storage space interior of type UFS 3.0 2-LANE, with a capacity of 128 or 256 GB, and supports adding external memory cards.

But the most important characteristic of a phone OnePlus 7 Pro that includes a system for cooling a liquid composed of 10 layers, spread strategically all over the phone, and allows you to this system of charging the phone without increasing the temperature, even when charging while playing.

Phone OnePlus 7 Pro with a battery capacity of 4000 Ma/H, support fast charging technology your company Warp Charge capacity of 30 W, which allow to charge the battery by 50% in just 20 minutes.

The phone has three options in terms of price are:

  • 669 $ for the same internal storage 128 GB, RAM with a capacity of 6 GB.
  • 699 $ for the same internal storage capacity of 256 GB, RAM 8 GB.
  • 749 $ for the same internal storage capacity of 256 GB, the RAM capacity of 12 GB.

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