Top 5 reasons to buy Galaxy S9 or S9 plus

Samsung announced the South Korean on the latest smart phones, leading the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus within the events of Mobile World Congress to be held in the current period in Barcelona, Spain, brought the new phones a group of nurses and improvements just as it was intertwined through the rumors and leaks during the financial period. In this article, we present to you the leading 5 things to pay you for the acquisition of Samsung phones new.

5. Separate things

  • Earphone port the sound is still available on both devices, unlike Cell Phones the leading in the market like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X or pixel 2.
  • A new screen comes clearly higher than the previous generation increased by 15% and discover the smaller 1.2 mm.
  • Available devices by purple new.
  • Featuring the two phones feature en Emoji to create animations also come with the audio tour Bixby in a developer than ever before.

4. Stereo speakers

Phones S9 and S9 plus are the first phones in the series Galaxy, which include stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos codec in cooperation with the competent police in the AKG, which was acquired by Samsung, provide headphones sound higher by 40% from the previous generation with the new amplifier built-in phones may don’t need to Bluetooth speakers outdoor when you are away from home.

3. Processor

Coming in two phones in two models, one featuring the Exynos processor 9810 and the other includes a processor Snapdragon 845 (dedicated to the US market) and new processors strong performance faster by at least 25% of the previous generation which will reflect definitely on the performance of the device and speed of opening applications and processing of data, also offer the new processors power much better than the previous generation.

2. Repositioning the reader insight

The only noticeable change in the design of the phones S9 and S9 plus compared to the previous generation is the repositioning of the reader footprint on the back of the device below the camera instead of the side of it which is very good and easy access to the reader and pass the finger by mistake on the camera lens.

1. New cameras

The most prominent features of phones Galaxy New is the rear camera which has provided new concepts for the world of camera mobile phones featuring a camera phone my S9 and S9 Plus with dual aperture New which allows to switch the house to open my lens at the same camera to give the best experience, allowing entry of a larger amount of light by 28% more than the S8 and the distortion in the image is lower by 30%, especially in the conditions of low-light photography. Also supports camera phones and photography in several styles including 4K at 60 frames per second and also the imaging technique of RSI to 960 frames per second at 720p in addition to technical support predict the movement automatically, which make the camera leave the moment the right to take a video while browsing the work of RSI with the possibility of converting footage to slow to a GIF or put it as the background animated or even add sounds.

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