Top 5 new features supported by version Chrome 74

The company launched the Google recent version 74 browser Chrome Chrome 74 officially for the operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux is Linux, and this version some new features, in addition to fix the many security holes; to provide further security to users, and help them be more productive.

Users can operating system is Windows, or Mac, or Linux, updated browser Chrome version Chrome 74.0.3729.108 new, by following these steps:

  • Go to the Google Chrome browser on your device.
  • Click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the Chrome window.
  • Click on the Help Menu, Help.
  • Tap on the option About Chrome About Chrome, will give you this option the current version number for Chrome you are working on, although not the latest version of the browser will automatically check for new update and install it, if available.

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة يدعمها إصدار كروم 74

The following are the top 5 new features supported by version Chrome 74:

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1 – Dark Mode Dark Mode in Windows:

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة يدعمها إصدار كروم 74

Support the previous version of the Chrome browser Chrome 73 dark mode for Mac OS Mac, but in the new version of the Chrome 74, the situation has become dark available officially for the Windows operating system.

Wearing a dark mode in Chrome the color settings in the operating system Windows 10. As is the case in the system of Mac are macOS, there is no way to do this except manually from within the browser settings only. This will determine the dark mode by default to toggle the background of Chrome with the same colour mostly white to a dark gray color.

Is applied to this appearance on the top browser Chrome, including: Omnibox, the terms of reference, in addition to the settings menu, and any new tab you open.

2. strengthen the blocking of access to your data in Design Mode, hidden:

Some websites use a trick to detect data of the visitors who browse the internet through hidden mode, where the aim of these sites to improve the tracking behavior of the visitors and target ads, despite their use to the design of the hidden, which supposedly protects them from that. But with the Chrome 74, it will be impossible for the sites to discover incognito, so ensure to maintain your privacy completely while browsing any sites.

3. support improvement in the elements of the media playback within the PiP mode:

In version 70 of the Chrome browser; it allowed Google to put picture in Picture Picture in Picture, for all operating systems, it allows users to watch videos and Favorite them while doing other tasks on the device, and through the minimized window your video, put it where you want the user, allowing browsing different websites, or switch to different applications, while continuing to watch the video.

In Chrome 74 will support Windows mode picture-in-picture PiP with new functions, in addition to supporting the control elements of the media player through the keyboard.

4. minimize the movement:

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة يدعمها إصدار كروم 74

A lot of times include web pages, a lot of movement produced by the animation, or scrolling, or the effects of zooming in and out, and this may bother a lot of users, therefore, the Chrome 74 supports reduce movement on web pages based on the preferences that have been configured in the operating system.

This will also be useful for users who wish to reduce the animation, and get a faster browsing experience. As is the case in third-party apps, the developers of the Websites to add support for this feature, they can create different shapes from the pages of the movement, or turn off the animations specific to those users.

5. support about 39 reform of the security:

In the version of Chrome 74 the Google make about 39 reform of the security, with no classification of the most it is awkward, but ranked five of them just as “very dangerous”.

For the version of operating systems Android and are:

Version will Chrome 74 available to users of the Android operating system in the coming days, will include some new features, most notably the translation test.

أبرز 5 ميزات جديدة يدعمها إصدار كروم 74

When you visit a page written in a language different from the language of your phone, using any previous version of Chrome, will show the translation bar of Google automatically in the bottom of the screen, if closed this tape, you will not be able to re-open it without reloading the page, but in the version of Chrome 74 there will be the option new translation appears in the settings menu when you discover the page in another language only.

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