Top 5 keyboards on Android (2019)

May secret mission is that the keyboard that we use on our phones smart just application can be replaced by another from the language and input settings usually, you see the picture, and here we offer you the best 5 apps keyboard on Android.


Keyboard from Google comes pre-installed on many Android phones, and next to the general appearance of the elegant and simple which can be customized, featuring an icon Search Google compact voice input of words as a means of faster book.

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As this keyboard of the development of Microsoft, and also feature a built-in search and a lot of features keyboard Google Google, but they are characterized by retaining a record of the last version of the text to access later.

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Perfect keyboard if you’re used to looking for the plate light writing Send anymore without features in common, however, it does have unique features such as integrated search and share apps popular within it and to delete the words fast travel horizontally with the keyboard.

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Cheetah Keyboard

If you want to customize Thea attractive, and enjoy has a larger selection of anime and animated GIFs, here’s this keyboard.

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Chrooma Keyboard

If you like to increase the write speed, we recommend you this keyboard, which features a system of gestures can increase the speed of writing of that: pull the button distance to determine the index to write easily, swipe left keyboard to delete the previous word, swipe up from the Delete button to delete everything you typed, and double-clicking on the distance button to select the text, drag to the right and left Quick on the spacebar button to move put to use with one hand, and more.

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The best keyboards Android apps keyboard keyboard keyboard

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