Top 5 iOS features that are useful in real life

For more than a decade of its presence on the iOS market has acquired thousands of new features to list that will not be enough the whole day. But even if you can proudly call yourself a connoisseur of mobile OS from Apple with years of experience, surely it is what you, hand on heart, could forget. presents to your attention a selection of the implicit iOS are either slipped your memory, or never flew.

We do not exclude that many of our readers already know about the existence of these functions. Nevertheless, to our website daily by newcomers, for which this information may be useful.

How to turn AirPods in a hearing aid

Few know that the AirPods can perform the role of a real hearing aid (read more here), redirecting the sound picked up by the microphone is plugged iPhone, into the ears of the user. To activate this mode, go to “Settings” — “control Point” — “to Configure ale. management”, where you find the option “Hearing” and add it to the list of items the “Item”. After that, connect the AirPods to iPhone, open the “control Point” and click on the ear icon. The mode is activated.

Group chat in FaceTime

This is one of the most problematic features in iOS 12. First, Apple has postponed its implementation for a month, and then completely turned off for a couple of weeks due to the discovered bug, and not allowing many users to evaluate it. But now all in norm, and so, you can try to convene audio or video conferencing. To do this, open FaceTime, click on the “+” in the upper left corner and enter all the users you want to invite to the conversation, and initiate a call. Important: the group mode does not work on iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus, and iPad Mini 2, 3 and iPad Air.

App Roulette

In my opinion, is one of the most useful innovations in iOS 12, which significance is able to contend even with the group calls to FaceTime. Not just this app (download) has helped me during the repair, when the present roulette banal were on hand, and to take measures needed desperately. Tip: after downloading the app on the device, go to “Settings” — “Roulette” and change the unit of measure in centimeters.

Disable “Screen time”

If you are not experiencing an acute need in the counting of time that you spend in a particular app, I would strongly recommend you not to enable this feature. Experience has shown that permanent fixation uplifts iPhone, unlock, and commit any, even the most insignificant action leads to increased power consumption. To avoid this, go to “Settings” — “Screen time” and disable this option.

How to clear application cache on iOS

If you going to the “Memory” section of your iPhone, fall into a stupor from how much memory is required, a seemingly harmless messenger client or social network, do not worry, this problem is solved. Of course, to clear the cached files by pressing the universal key will not work. It will have to go into the app, which occupies too much memory, go into its settings and find the section with the words “data” or “memory” in the title. As a rule, there is a hidden key to remove cache files and other data. Remove them, if the need for them disappeared. This action can free up to several gigabytes.

Bonus: auto-delete messages

If you often use the regular SMS, you will definitely like the ability to automatically delete them. To do this, go to “Settings” — “Messages” — “message History” and select how long you want to keep them: 30 days, 1 year or indefinitely.

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