Top 10 YouTube the Lakers won during the 2018

Forbes recently list of Acer highest income in the period between June 2017 and June 2018, based on data and conversations with those familiar with the industry.

According to the report, the alter the make $ 180 million annually, and half of them involved the content focuses on video games.

Without further prolonging, here the list..

#10 Logan Paul — $ 14.5 million

Running around in his mask on the positions of his personal life. It was already the fourth in this list last year, but to punish YouTube don’t take it out of the program, “Google Preferred” the result of the publication of indecent video of the corpses hanging in the forest of the famous Japanese work suicide had a big impact on his income.

#9 PewDiePie — $ 15.5 million

Record-holder in the growth of views and subscriptions by 2018 the content focuses on video games, but led some of the racist attitudes attributed to him to the level of his income.

#8 Sian William — $ 16 million

The owner of the channel Jacksepticeye that focus on video games, collaborated with Disney XD to create a program targeting children and adolescents.

#7 Ivan Fung — $ 17 million

The owner of the channel VanossGaming competent in the review of the video games growing dramatically, featuring videos submitted by Fung with a touch of comedy, a unique, rarely seen him appear on camera.

#6 Marine — $ 17.5 million

Devotes his channel to view the content of comedy and the comedy video games review by.

#5 Jeffrey Star — $ 18 million

He was the owner of the largest number of followers on Myspace, about his career successfully to YouTube, where he reviews his talents as an artist, makeup and fashion.

#4 Dan Middleton — $ 18.5 million


The owner of the channel DanTDM, which focuses on video games, despite the high income of 2 million dollars on an annual basis, falling from first place to fourth place this year.

#3 ensemble comedy — $ 20 million

Focus channel Dude Perfect on sports and entertainment content, and run the Channel 5 family members are the Twins Kobe, Korea cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Tony. Hosted in their channel many famous sport in America, as they hosted many media programs the American.

#2 Jake Paul — $ 21.5 million

He gained his fame from the platform of Vine (Vine) like his brother Logan Paul. Damaged heard of the problem of his brother above-mentioned, but he takes advantage of the system system YouTube environmental. Focuses his mask on everyday situations, songs rap.

#1 Baby Ryan — $ 22 million

Submit Ryan’s seven-year-old with the help of his parents. reviews for children’s games to channel Ryan ToysReview.

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