Top 10 wedgie available for users of the iPhone

Embodies the widget is an important part of the application can put the Home screen of the phone for easy access.. and for users of the iPhone, we you the best widget apps from third-party applications pre-installed.


Lets wedge this app to add shortcuts to favorite contacts, audio files and even apps, web pages, and better yet is the possibility to embed the tests of the functions as quick as a contact the contact certain.

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Calendar and alarm clock

Provide a quick look at the appointments and the next.


Came iOS 12 Application Shortcuts which you can choose the important do quick one-click on the wedge or take the words you set on Siri, the app watch the video above and we’ll leave you the option to visit the following article:

“11 test Siri special is available for download on iPhone, iPad
“5 shortcuts to Siri are useful, between By run YouTube in the background
“6 tests new Siri, of tool download compatible with the most popular apps

Google Maps

You can add the wedge shows you the traffic situation in the area around you and another Know Your estimated time of arrival to your destination.

WiFi Widget

You can add a wedge gives you quick access to the network Wi-Fi related including share the password or even know the speed of the internet connection.

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You can by wedge Shazam to identify the song running in the background with a single click.

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Using the wedge of this app you can access the history of what his version of the text and not the process of the recent version only.

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Drafts 5

Offers wedge this app many options to take advice, from audio and written.

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If you’re a fan of European leagues, you can take a look at the match results directly from the wedge this app.

Link to the app

The weather

Allows widgets Weather app take a quick look at the state of the atmosphere in the area.

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