Tom Lee: Bitcoin is the best investment of the coming year

The market is recovering after the fall of Bitcoin, and the first experts render their verdicts regarding the current situation. The main supporter of the crypts on wall street, Tom Lee recently gave an interview with Cointelegraph, which commented on the position of the major cryptocurrencies today.

We will remind, before you lowered your prediction regarding the rate of Bitcoin. However, in this interview, analyst refrained from statements with specific figures. It seems That he does not believe in its forecast.

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According to Lee, the relationship between traditional markets and the crypt has increased several times over the last couple of months.

World markets fell by almost 10 percent in November. And although between cryptocurrency and traditional assets, there is a negative correlation, for the last 6 weeks, the correlation between the markets jumped to new heights.

As reported EthereumWorldNews in the past 4 months the five most popular shares of technology companies lost about 822 billion dollars of capitalization.

In this case, do those who really believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies? If advised to “remain calm” and not to invest too much into digital assets. He also added that Fundstrat (Fund) advises its clients to allocate to the crypt to two percent of its portfolio.

You also know exactly where you should invest your money. In his opinion, on the market there are very few good projects, the main among them are Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

Image source — Bitcoinist

Now is the time, when Bitcoin doesn’t look very attractive investment in the short term. But do not forget that the crypt is still at an early stage of its development. In the future the adoption of cryptocurrency in the world will still reach new heights. I think 2019 will be the best year to invest in Bitcoin.

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