Token 0x rose after the listing on Coinbase Pro

Token 0x (ZRX) was the first coin on the standard ERC-20, added to the listing of the trading platform Coinbase Pro. On the background of the event rate of the coins has increased by 13 per cent against the dollar and 13 percent and 18 percent in relation to Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

ZRX trade on the trading platform will begin once the token reaches the required liquidity, the report says Coinbase. It is planned that coin will be traded in pairs with dollar, BTC and ETH, and to conduct operations with it at first, only residents of the state of new York. In the near future, transactions with 0x will be available to users of the exchange and from other regions.

Why rose 0x

While the ZRX is not supported in your wallet or Coinbase or in mobile applications of the exchange. About the launch of this feature, the user of the trading platform will be reported separately, the report said.

After the announcement of the listing on Coinbase Pro rate of the token increased from of 0.678 0,879 dollar to dollar, then fell back to $ 0.8. At the time of this writing 0x occupies 25th place in the ranking of the largest cryptocurrency platform Coinmarketcap. Market capitalization amounts to 411 million dollars. On Sunday morning the 0x rate hovers around 75-76 cents. Daily trading volume exceeded 11 million.

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In social networks adding a token in a listing on Coinbase met with enthusiasm. According to Twitter user under the nickname Andy, now the last of the conditions to strengthen the token is made, and its rate will only increase.

However, the world of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile, and success can suddenly become a failure. In the case of ZRX the probability of a sharp depreciation after the decline of hype for listing on Coinbase Pro big. As soon as the hype over the coin down, it can lose a considerable share of their market capitalization.


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