Todd Gordon: Bitcoin will rise to $ 10,000 by the end of the year

Founder predicts the fall of Bitcoin up to $ 4,000. However, by the end of 2018, the cryptocurrency needs to overcome the mark of 10 000 dollars and start a new bullish trend. According to the expert leads Cointelegraph.

The Bitcoin exchange rate and volatility of

Gordon is confident in the support level is breached at $ 5,000. However, at the bottom of Bitcoin will not last long – the coin needs to grow rapidly to 2019. The assumptions the analyst builds on the basis of the volatility of cryptocurrency. Correction with 19 000 dollars he called “significant,” resulting in evidence of investors ‘ profits in 2015.

Todd Gordon also noted the decrease in the volatility of the coins. In his opinion, now the average change rates fell below 17 percent. The analyst believes in the fundamental qualities of Bitcoin and notes that a large number of positive news soon will change the trend of cryptocurrencies.

Project Gordon provides data Analytics of the markets and different trading strategies. The analyst became known for his successful predictions in the oil market. In November 2015, he predicted a reduction in the price of the product 41 to $ 26. In February 2016, oil prices dropped to 26.05 USD.

With the fall of Bitcoin exchange rate predictions of other experts are becoming increasingly pessimistic. Earlier the analyst firm Trefis has lowered its expectations of growth of the main cryptocurrency to $ 12,500. Russian analysts also remain bearish tone.

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