To what level will rise Bitcoin before the next correction? The analysts

After breaking the resistance at $ 8,000 rally of Bitcoin is significantly “slowed down”. Cryptocurrency remains in this zone for the past week. For this period we could observe a few minor setbacks, but they quickly were bought by bulls. According to analysts and cryptoendoliths, soon BTC will again continue climbing up.

Indicators talking about buying

In a recent issue of the show Fast Money on CNBC has been the author of the book The Bitcoin Big Bang Brian Kelly. He spoke about the growing interest in digital assets from both fans and institutional investors. Launch Bitcoin futures Bakkt and halving cryptocurrencies in the next year even more heated HYIP.

The global picture — will soon begin a new cycle in which the asset will survive the cuts proposals. This process occurs every four years and each time it ends the next rally of Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, the expert did not announce a specific price or date for achieving a new historical high with Bitcoin.

The trader Josh Rager too much optimism regarding the future of the main cryptocurrency.

Price movement shrinks with falling trading volumes, it speaks of another push up. Support line already formed — a break below could lead to a drop up to $ 6000. However, I expect that Bitcoin will jump at least to $ 9,000 before the next wave of correction.

Note that the trading volume in the last 24 hours exceeds 24 billion dollars. This is the highest indicator over the last 12 months. While Bitcoin is trading at $ 7943.

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