To the user Android devices: beware of these tricks on Google Play

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Author Lucas Stephanie invites a researcher in the malware company ESET

It seems that phishers and scammers on Google Play they have found another way to make the application of their deceptive looks more worthy of the confidence of users, at least when viewed at first glance.

Use the trick next segment on the icon of the app and its other item seen to the user when the browsing application is the name of the developer and exhibitions under the name of the app directly, given that the names of the developers are anonymous and not used for the purposes of strengthening the hair, some officials of the applications they prepare a number of fake large applications with high numbers numbers of downloads as well as the names of developers they try to keep the applications belonging to the developers of the firm and have a very large number of users.

We’ve discovered hundreds of applications that use these tricks and the like its to trick the users, the applications that you downloaded either misleading users about their jobs or not have jobs at all, and most of them usually display ads.

Significantly you’ve inspired freedom to appoint any number of choices as the name of the developers some ambitions, for example, wish one of the developers of game applications that makes the users believe that his toys have been installed by other users more than five billion times, note: fall top apps ranking in the category “1,000,000,000+” this category includes the application of Google Play the same gym, working, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

In certain cases, we noticed that the developer had changed his name from the name of the developer of the fake to the name of the developer of the real passage of time, which may indicate the use of the trick as a temporary measure aimed at strengthening the popular apps that have been downloaded recently.

Besides using numbers to prove a fake to try and manipulate users into downloading their apps, the use of some of the authors of the app phrases refer to the company, such as “apps Legit” and “applications that have been verified” Verified Applications and”application developer reliable” Trusted Developers App, and some also feature a symbol of a checkmark, similar to those used as markers to “verified” accounts of the characters and brands well-known on different social media sites, and is included differently in the app icons and names, as well as in the names of the developers, Given that Google Play does offer probably services checking account software developers, and any application that uses such a mark is suspicious.

How you can stay safe.

You think the tricks described in this article simple ways, but its potential effectiveness to mislead users, especially those who choose apps based on its popularity, although none of these applications are not malicious completely, but these techniques can be misused easily by malware writers in the future, and fortunately, the trick is simple also, if you know what to focus on:

  • Make sure you take the number of installations for each application from the app page in Google Play only, because this is the official figure, this will be visible in the “Additional Information” section at the bottom of the page.
  • Keep in mind that Google Play is not by the badge of “control” which refers to the legitimacy of applications, but contain the category of “choice editor“, which carry the badge of “choice” in the upper left corner of the page of Google Play for the application.
  • Make sure you read the user reviews before downloading any application.
  • If the application only contains a small number of installations of real, or was released only during the past few days, and leave it no matter how much you want in that app.

To the user Android devices: beware of these tricks on Google Play

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