To spit on reliability: the display Galaxy Fold — the most comfortable in the world

Despite the extremely low reliability of foldable Galaxy Fold, this does not negate the innovative developments that lay in its basis. And now we are talking not about a heavy-duty mechanism, which is able to withstand more than 100 thousand folding, and not on the ability of its display to the bending, which turned out to be very mediocre. We are talking about maximum comfort, which provides the display, Galaxy Fold, is almost without adverse effects on your eyes.

The main problem of displays of all electronic devices is that they emit so-called blue light. This short-wave part of the visible spectrum in the range 415-455 nm, which, influencing the retina, inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin. It is responsible for regulating the circadian rhythms of the body that cause us to fall asleep at night and awake during the day. A lack of melatonin caused by prolonged exposure to blue light confuses our internal clock, which leads to insomnia.

The danger of blue light

By some miracle, Samsung engineers managed to adjust the color reproduction of the display Galaxy Fold in such a way that brought them provoked by exposure to blue light to a minimum. According to company representatives, only 7% of the total radiation of the Galaxy Fold is in the range 415-455 nm. This is a record low, which is acknowledged even by the experts of the auditing center, the tüv Rheinland Group. They appreciated the display, Galaxy Fold, calling it the most safe for health display in the world.

Of course, the achievement of Samsung deserves to know about it as many people as possible. At the same time, mediocre reliability Galaxy Fold, coupled with the prohibitive price but does not contribute to promoting it. Given that at least five vehicles of about a hundred failed already on the second day of use emerges very unpleasant picture of the future in which the Galaxy Fold will be the fate of Galaxy Note 7, which could be ignited without any reasons.

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