To restore Instagram account could soon be without dancing with a tambourine

Unlike other social networks, Instagram has never been a simple procedure of account recovery in case of “theft” by hackers. Fortunately, the representatives of companies think about their users, though not immediately, and therefore decided to simplify a complicated process, what we learned today from representatives of the Instagram.

Now the “thief” account will not be able to intercept the code to log in uchetku with another device

The social network is testing a new process of restoring user accounts in the application, which the company says should significantly simplify the restoration account and, in the first place, to complicate the task of “thieves”. Now users have to either wait for a special letter on e-mail, or fill out the support form, but the new recovery method uses the application to request various information about the user (e.g., the original e-mail address or phone number). You will then receive a six digit code that will be sent to your chosen number or email, and then Instagram will ban hackers use codes with email or phone number to log into your account from another device.

This new method ensures that you will be able to restore your account, even if the attacker changed the user name and contact details. With this aim, Instagram introduces protection, which ensures that the user name can not be requested for “a period of time” after the account change, whether it’s hacking or a voluntary change.

Instagram hopes that users will be able to restore the accounts without the help of technical support

It is not clear when the novelty will be available to all, even if the lock user name is now available for all Android users. However, the purpose of the updates is very clear — Instagram hopes that eventually you will be able to fully recover your account in the app, instead of relying on the support team.

The security of the account in Instagram has always been a sore spot popular social network, especially given the growth in the number of break-ins lately. A new recovery method can not completely prevent hacking, but can deter intruders who hope for easy hacking, as it was before.

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