To order the smartphones from China will be unprofitable

If you have ever ordered a smartphone from China, you probably know what measures are the sellers to avoid import duties. Cunning Chinese deliberately understate the value of the parcel contents several pointing instead of 500 $ 50 or less. Despite the seeming absurdity of this technique, it has long proved itself as a successful way to “break the system”, but the Russian customs officers have decided that they will no longer allow itself to trace around your finger.

Russian customs has found a way to charge duties on goods from China and smartphones in particular, if the actual cost was underestimated by a sender to get around import duty. To provide local office with reliable information on the cost of the shipments come from Chinese colleagues in terms of the new agreement between the two countries. This means that henceforth, Russian customs officers will be able to make an official request to the Chinese side and get the detailed answers.

Is it possible to know the real value of the parcel

Of course, a query of this type could be sent before, only to answer it, the Chinese were absolutely no obligation, what was successfully used for many years. But now everything will be different. The joint work of customs authorities of the two countries make the import of goods to Russia safer, eliminating the possibility of smuggling, postavok counterfeit goods and attempts to circumvent domestic legislation.

This practice for all its positivity can reduce the benefits of buying a grey smartphones and other technology in China. This will be especially noticeable after the reduction of the amount of duty-free import of up to $ 500 per month, is scheduled for 2019. If you exceed this amount, the recipient will be required to pay 30% of the value of its contents, which in some cases can make the goods from China even more than he asked for in the Russian retail.

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