To obtain fuel from the air and clean up the planet? Easy!

The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is growing steadily, so the question of air purification our planet is becoming increasingly urgent. But why not use this gas to create a fuel and at the same time save the planet? That’s what I plan to do canadian scientists.

According to an article published in a scientific journal, Joule, a new method of obtaining fuel is not based on some expensive work, and can be built on the basis of existing technologies today. In addition, the proposed method is several times cheaper than any other similar design.

To clean the planet and create fuel atmospheric air is pumped into large containers filled with an alkaline solution, where the resulting liquid mixture is first frozen rapidly, and then gradually heated. At some stage it turns a thick suspension. She was forced to interact with slaked lime. This reaction is carried out with the allocation of hydrocarbons that can be used to create fossil fuels (including gasoline).

Moreover, such technology can be equipped with almost any plant by-product the production of which is carbon dioxide, increasing the amount of hydrocarbons in several times. Moreover, such an approach can be in some extent “the cycle is fuel in nature.” Because the produced hydrocarbons are used for the production of gasoline, the combustion of which takes place with release of carbon dioxide, and it, in turn, can be collected and used again for the production of raw materials and the creation of gasoline.

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