“To meet up offline, but not secret”. How to live the first official Bitcoin exchanger. A tour of the office

Bitcoin exists more than ten years. Despite a decent time, regulation of the cryptocurrency niche in the post-Soviet space, there is exchange of large quantities of coins still held in secure offices, and about relationships with digital currencies do not tell even your closest. Kiev BUYbank trying to change the situation. Bitcoin exchanger freely accepting clients in the office in the center of the capital of Ukraine and assists with the purchase and sale of crypts. Editor 2Биткоина visited the Bureau and spoke with co-founder of the project.

At the end of March in the top of the subreddit Bitcoin got photo BUYbank. We published the Telegram in channel 2Биткоина. If you haven’t subscribed to it, recommend it.

A few days later the connection came Daniel one of the managers of Bitcoin exchanger. He had a question on the wording of the caption to publish. In the course of a short conversation, Daniel has shared interesting details: it turned out that their project is the only Ukrainian exchanger with the sign, office and address specified in search engines. The “underground obmenok in Kiev shaft”.

Feature interested: still it’s not every day you hear about such establishments. In the end, we agreed about the meeting and the tour a week later. Left to get to Kiev.

The contents

House Satoshi in the center of Kiev

Kiev, metro station “Olympic”, almost the center of the city. To Independence square two stops under the ground or about fifteen minutes on foot. Next door is the Olympic stadium, where concerts and football matches. Last year’s Champions League final took place here.

Office BUYbank is on the parallel street — Antonovich. On the outside it attracts attention with the bright orange stickers with the logo of Bitcoin. The sign laconic “Buy” and signed “Your crypto bank”.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

The call for replenishment of the crypto visible at the entrance directly opposite the door. Space a lot, looks nice.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

The office is divided into Workshop areas and Equipment. In the first padded seat, the second should be sold equipment. Since the exchange rate of Bitcoin is still far from previous records on the shelves no ASIC miners.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

But there is a worthy replacement.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

In the middle of the office tablets for self-service.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

The adjacent zone occupied three offices.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

Flown, hurry! What can visitors

Visitors to the office enough — it is noticeable immediately after the visit. Most people come to exchange conventional currency, because the first cash register designed for Fiat currency. Here and further in the text — quotation of Daniel.

We have the opportunity to meet offline, but not in secret.

Two other offices connected with the crypt. The first visitors to pay in bitcoins, and secondly, you get the money for the sold coins. On request possible operation with USDT and other cryptocurrencies.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

The way it works is simple: the client performs an operation using the terminal, waits for two confirmations, gets a check and goes to the cashier. If no experience, the staff advise and help.

We tell how it can be done. We do not carry out surgery, while can explain how to do it.

We recommend you to pay attention to the course. The difference between the value of sales and purchases is very large. Staff attribute this to the volatility.

Source: buybank.io

By the way, the application in terminal “samopisny” that is developed by the staff.

HYIP — is not important. Features exchanger BUYbank

The key difference between the exchanger — in the sequence of actions of the creators. At the end of 2017 it came to the idea to create the office. And they decided to start with offline.

Went the usual way. We have started with filming a room, made repairs and opened it to the exchanger.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

The office opened in June 2018 i.e. after big drop in the market. Collapsed courses guys are not confused, because of doubt about the prospects of cryptocurrency is not.

We understand that the Cue ball will be used. He will gradually displace others, because it’s just easier. Just like iPhone when it appeared.

According to Daniel, the team is in no hurry for a HYIP, that is not attending conferences and events. Strategy — the gradual growth and focus on the product.

You can find us through Google. You can find us as a point on Google Maps.

About visitors and “Gypsy bitcoin”

Clients in the office are different. Enough foreigners, young and old.

In offline office receives all people. Conditional young pros that get paid in the crypt. Miners who need to regularly go into the cache in order for electricity to pay. Go wholesalers and younger investors.

Scammers are too. Usually the couriers from the wise men that change points to commas in the amounts of transfers USDT and hope to get a lot of money for meager translations. With such simple good-bye. Without scandals.

BUYbank. Source: 2bitcoins.ru

Happen a funny situation. The popularity of the cryptocurrency attracts a niche of people without knowledge who come for physical bitcoins.

People come for the Roma bitcoins. You know, these coins. 2019 in the yard, Yes, we all have the Internet, but seriously people come in that don’t look retarded or stupid. — So you can buy your Bitcoin? And show!

The development is to be

A month ago, the team launched an online exchanger that took the place of landing with the address of the office. Thanks to him, to conduct operations in the network. Users already have including from other countries.

We can’t call the numbers, but not complaining. The market is volatile and depends not only on Bitcoin. For example, during the hype of the futures at the end of March we saw a significant jump in foreign traffic. And this despite the fact that with the launch of the website and less than a month.

On the ICO and other venture team is going. The priority is to increase the possibilities of visitors and scaling.

Plans — geographic expansion and the launch of new financial products based on cryptocurrency and blockchain. Keep abreast of market and legislative regulation, not only in Ukraine but also the world. We know that the product will and can be scaled. And without regulation of long-term safe product difficult to offer.

When Here?

Alas, the insides on the moon was not.

We don’t know when the Cue ball will be worth a million.

There you have it. BUYbank brings niche cryptocurrency favor. Visitors can come to the office and receive advice about coins and transactions with them. The information about the exchanger is available that changes the stereotypical reputation of the shadow crypt for the better. The more such projects, the sooner will come Here.

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