To lose money “cryptocurrency” is now possible not only on Twitter

Now it is almost impossible to be a celebrity and not to Instagram. However, it seems that cryptomelane Cameron Winklevoss and the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee this social network is only a hindrance. On Tuesday, Lee wrote posted a tweet of frustration. According to him, his clone a few months deceived people on Instagram, and the management of the social network did nothing.

The quote was the following.

Most likely, I have other clones, but the moderators of Instagram anything done with them.

It should be noted, complaint Charlie Lee has had the opposite effect. Instead of trying to ban scammer, Instagram blocked the official account of Lee.

And he’s not the only one experiencing these problems. His post was originally a response to a tweet by Cameron Winklevoss — one of twins-billionaires who are behind the creation of the new York cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. The winklevoss wrote that came across in Instagram on their own clone, which deceived users pulling money out of them.

I reported it to support a countless number of my friends and partners reported it to support, and the profile is still valid.

Of course, the Twitter like have benches is nothing new: Charlie Lee and before they got into such scrapes. For example, in early 2018 the strange account under the name of 180 LTC urged everyone to make a contribution in the amount of 0.3 LTCto get in on suspect competition, which was obviously the usual hype.

And crooks posing as celebrities from cryptocracy. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has tired to destroy their own clones, and strive to collect all the money. He even asked for help from the Creator of Dogecoin in this case.

Representatives of Twitter has promised to closely watch the clones and the user complaints, but the result is not given. Even today, after the publication of the famous personalities in the world of cryptocurrency or even exchanges — they appear tweets with suggestions “to send 0.1 BTC and get back 1, 10, and so forth.” It’s funny that the responses to such posts is bound to have rave “reviews” scams from other accounts, which allegedly confirmed the veracity of the schema. Such, of course, ends up losing money.

Conclusion: on the Internet you need to be as careful with their funds — regardless of the social network. Do not send cryptocurrency to anyone under any pretext, do not share passwords or open files. And use these five ways to maintain anonymity.

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