To distinguish 2 from Razer Phone Razer Phone in the front would be virtually impossible

Razer should soon introduce a new gaming smartphone. Razer Phone 2 will get Snapdragon SoC 845, 8 GB of RAM and a display resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

And the design of its predecessor. Look at the image below. What do you think is in it?

No, it’s not two instances of Razer Phone. On The Right Razer Phone 2. Personally, I found only one difference: a little different with a camera installed and a module with sensors. They even cut the grills of the speakers have not changed!

Yes, the Razer Phone looks unique on the background of the iPhone clones X, but could to maintain continuity with changes. In General, it’s good that there is no monopoly that everything is so well thought out from the point of view of gaming, but external changes are simply zero.

To present a novelty on October 10. How do you like this approach?

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