To dispel fears and doubts, Apple emphasizes that it does not slow down the tablet and iPad old

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After the release of several reports that shed light on this practice, confirmed Apple a few weeks before they learn to slow down phones iPhone old which contains the batteries degraded. While it is said that the Apple do this to force customers to upgrade to smart phones later, has Apple made a completely different interpretation. However, the company received the Apple TV a lot of criticism which make them think in the end. Therefore, it is fair to wonder about whether Apple is doing that with a tablet of iPad old also.

Batteries degraded and not be able to provide the power needed by the operating system. So if there is a rise in the rate of energy use when the processor is under heavy load, it may not be the battery is able to cooperate and this would lead to a machine stop unexpectedly.

I tried Apple’s solution to this problem by making iOS system lowers the Processor Speed on older devices. This means the throttle the Processor Speed in order not to reach the level that would lead to the sudden closure of the operating system due to the inability of the battery to keep the power of the wizard virtual. Said Apple this step without really explains to users that this step would reduce the basis of the performance of the iPhone old. So, Apple’s formal apology to all customers and promised to also provide the option of replacement battery for devices that are out of warranty exchange for$ 29 a note that she’s been doing this work for 79$.

This in the case of phones old iPhone, as for the users of tablet and iPad, so you don’t have to worry because Apple confirmed in a support document recent entitled ” battery performance of the iPhone, ” that the power management feature is customized for iPhone and does not apply to any products belonging to Apple. What this means is that the tablet of the iPad and Apple TV other-enabled batteries not be slowed to prevent the ends of random.


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