To discover a gap from the Google Photo help hacker to track the user’s location

اكتشاف ثغرة من Google Photo تساعد القراصنة على تعقب موقع المستخدم

Researchers discovered in the company Imperva specialized in the field of protection from piracy security hole in the web version of Google Photo or Google Image, allow hackers to track record the movements of the user based on the data attached to the page, where I explained the company via her blog that can be hackers and third-party applications access to the location through the basics of Architectural that is used in the history of images based on time and location while saving it on the cloud platform the strength of the.

As explained to the police that the attack is by tricking the user opens the link of the web site was loaded with malware at the time synchronized with the logged in account in the Google image, which is done most often via email or by grafting pop-up ads by malware.

Where would this software turn to interact immediately with the content source to the victim and access details of the data attached to the page which enables an attacker to gain access to the information they want through the download and use of the properties of the Mediterranean Sea in the service of the saved images, has Google made some updates to fill this gap.

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