To become more at ease.. how to activate “cookies” on your iPhone

Sometimes you hear advice from individuals who are thinking about security and privacy, and suggest we “ban” or “disable” cookies or “Cookies” in your web browser, but is this really the best advice?, the As cookies are just files small text stored by Web pages on your computer or phone or wherever you’re surfing the web, the main purpose of which is to store settings and preferences for any site browsing.

Can you remember these settings which country you are from, and that you are logged in, that agent is due, or you already have items in a shopping cart or any other works in progress, so in defense of cookies, it’s recommended to leave cookies enabled to customize and streamline your web browsing, if you disable cookies on your iPhone on your own, it is easy to restart it, to you way.

How to enable cookies on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and click the word “Safari” is the browser your phones Apple.
  3. In the section privacy and security be sure to turn off “prevent tracking across sites” by swiping the slider to the left.
  4. In the same section, be sure to turn off the “block all cookies” by swiping the slider to the left.

كيفية تفعيل «الكوكيز» على هاتف iPhone How to activate “cookies” on your iPhone

How to enable cookies in other browsers on the iPhone

If you install browsers from third parties on your iPhone your, the good news is that cookies are always enabled by default, and can not turn it off generally in these applications, in fact with browsers like “Firefox” and”Google Chrome”, if you want to act without storing cookies on your phone, you must use a mode “incognito” in Google Chrome browser or the situation is “special” in the Firefox browser, where there’s no way to turn off Cookies in the browser mode the main, So there is nothing can enable it.

In the end, enable or disable Cookies in your device is up to you and is not necessary, if you want to ease in browsing and save your location information or activate it.

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