Tips to Lite reviewed your PayPal account and to ban partial

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The many users of PayPal in the trap of limited account Limited Account where the account through the stop to withdraw the money or stop it, it sent, where the ban on the account when they form the company in the actions of the stranger in the account, the last which may be carried out by the owner of the account inadvertently later after that in under his account PayPal, that’s why in this blog, arc of some reasons that may make your account in the May charge with respect to the Account Limitمن to produce it and even don’t :

  • The restriction on the account when there are more than one PayPal account, or can be formed to have more than one account, for the watch to deal accounts or more than one computer .
  • When her account you may charge by the page and forged the company may develop under the account for your protection.
  • When you give your company the contact address of the IP to be in the black list company may charge
  • When expect money from spamming demonstrates a limitation on the account
  • When you use a bank account or bank card to another have already been used in another account
  • When you enter your account in real through a proxy
  • Have located under the account when sending or you’ll get 2000 $ or more
  • When you send money from your account may charge to the account of another company considers account hacker

To solve the problem of hotel account was follow the following steps :

First log on was and click on the Learn more how to remove this limitation then you will find that the company ask you to supply some information to with your identity and / or your relationship with the source of the money you got. for example, if we assume you’ve come down through the company go to your account in the company and make a picture of the financial transfers and the purchase of PayPal or in case if they ask you such as information about you do the” residents ” of the passport or national ID card or a picture of the driver’s license and send it to the police.

Summary :

If put under for the accountant is to protect the owner of the account from the hackers, for this it is necessary to pay attention to do some act suspicious during your use of the account until the Lachin police and stop partial, as the decoding process under the account they are different from one account to another depending on the scenario which occurred when the owner of the account .

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