[Tips solutions]: how you are looking the reverse of a photo using the search engine Google?

We know that Google provides the tools and means great with regard to searching for images using a search engine It famous, but what not many know is the possibility of performing a “reverse lookup Reverse Image Search” for images, a tool that may help in a lot of positions and situations.

This article will be dedicated to clarify the reverse lookup on the photo, and different ways to implement it using the search engine Google.

Reverse image search a Reverse Image Search

Imagine the following situation: the image on your computer (or watched it on the site) and I’m not sure of its content, or you have doubts about the date of publication for the first time, or maybe you think it’s stolen and want to make sure that. What are the means? Here comes the role of the tool is a reverse image search.

Simply put, you can enter the image into the Google search engine, which will search and display all the associated details: This is a reverse image search.

Now how will it be possible to implement it? Well, there’s 3 ways to do this:

  • Of the bodyguard.
  • From the browser on your smartphone
  • Using third-party apps

On the personal computer

For the implementation of the reverse search for an image using the personal computer, all you need to do is Enter the page of the image search engine Google, and then clicking on the camera icon located under the search bar:

After that, you will have two options, either enter the image link or lifting in the case were present on the personal computer:

As an example, you raise the image of the logo of the site are, but you modify the image name and used a name at random, and the results were as follows:

This way, you know, Google the content of the photo on that linked site are, so put this word in the search bar, which represents the best guess for the keyword associated with the transaction input. Finally, Google provides display images similar to the image input by clicking on the link “Visually similar images”.

You can also access the same results using the search tool reverse Google directly via the following link: reverse.photos

There’s another way to conduct a reverse search and if the picture on the internet, where you can click on the image button right mouse button and then choose “Search Google for Image” which will look for them within the service Reverse Photos. It should be noted that this method is effective only on the browsers Firefox and Chrome:

On your smartphone

Users can perform a reverse lookup on the photo using the same link which is the reverse.photos, via access from any browser on your smartphone, or by typing the service name in the search bar in the Google Feed:

Strange here that the results on the smartphone was a little different for the same picture, where is not getting the word “are” in Arabic, as was the case on the personal computer, and Information page search results is not rich block you need:

You can also use the way of the reverse lookup directly from the image itself, by pressing them at length and then choose the “Google search image” which will lead directly to search for within a service girl photos:

Using a third party application

There in Play Store many apps that can perform a reverse lookup on the photo and directly, without the need to open the browser or any other application, and review some popular apps in this field, which is formed by all the services provided by them vary a little design and some of the features that it provides:

  • Search By Image
  • Reverse Image Search
  • PicFinder – Image Search

Other notes

Provide some other search engines like Bing search, reverse image, but in light of the high dependency on the Google search engine and providing tools and means Advanced from the rest of the search engines, I preferred to make this decision convinced just.

Have you benefited days of the service of a reverse image search is? Do you know other useful applications in this area? Share with us your opinion and your experience in the comments.


Source: [tips solutions]: how you are looking the reverse of a photo using the search engine Google?

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