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To date, no e-mail virtually anywhere. It tied our accounts in the social, service delivery, Internet outlets, Bank accounts, work and personal correspondence, and so on. It is not surprising that over time almost all our electronic mailboxes turn into a real warehouse where all “thrown” into one big pile and sometimes important messages are easy to miss. To avoid this, you need to correctly organize their work in the email. And as one of the most popular services is Google’s Gmail, then we’ll investigate it.

Optimize the work with mail from Google

The contents

Use the option “Cancel sending”

I’m sure many of us were sent either a letter accidentally, or after sending the letter knew that made in the message body of an unfortunate mistake or forgot to attach the file. Fortunately, this can be avoided. Go to your Inbox, then press “Settings” — “General” — “Cancel the message”. You can set the cancellation period is equal to 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Very convenient!

Use offline access

Another trick, which few people know for those who want to continue working with Gmail without having access to the Internet. This can be useful in trips, or if you have limited inbound traffic (e.g. abroad).

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In order to access your mail offline, you need (if you are using a personal computer) to go to “Settings” (icon in the form of gears located in the right corner) and there you will see the option “Offline”. Note that works on a PC, it only in Google Chrome. In a way you can work with Google Drive and Google Docs.

Unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists

Often we use email for registration in different services, then we simply attack “the extremely favorable offers, promotions and discounts.” But in order to opt out of subscriptions to these services it is not necessary to unsubscribe from each of them manually. There is a dedicated website — available at this link. It will help you to see all services that you subscribe to and unsubscribe from them in a jiffy.

Use two-factor authentication

Just yesterday we told you that Google releases the newest version of its escrow key. If you missed this material, we recommend you to read it and subscribe to us in the Telegram, in order not to miss this in the future. Now, this key is a pretty good tool dvuhfigurnaya authentication that allows you to protect yourself from hacking. However, it is not necessary to buy expensive gadget. Enough in the familiar account settings to set the authentication when you log on to mail using the phone number. Many users forget this simple option. But in vain!

Configure message filtering

By default Gmail “stores” messages to the specific folders. However, if you are working correspondence, you may need to create your own folders in order to correctly organize reports, for example, your boss. To do this, click on the search box and select the link “Create filter in accordance with the request.” Now enter the appropriate e-mail and all letters coming from there will move to the newly formed folder.

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