Tips for anyone who wants to follow a life of entrepreneurship

The enthusiasm of the independent: tips for anyone who wants to follow my life of entrepreneurship


The reek of the United States of America in the spirit of the initiative. May carry millions of people on the national level of risk to launch their own company, some succeeded while others failed. As said the businessman and billionaire the famous Richard Branson once said, “Our ability to create ideas is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s wonderful that we are always inspirational and are optimistic, but sometimes it may be difficult to focus on one idea long enough to turn it into a successful company “.

When you launch any kind of companies, it must balance three essential elements:

  • The idea of a viable product or service
  • Ability to follow development and distribution
  • Sufficient capital to support the company to use

I think of myself as “entrepreneur double!” I’m someone who has launched two separate companies engrossed completely in the management of both. It is through entrepreneurship complications, I learned lessons that may help other entrepreneurs to think in a similar path.


Here are the top four tips for anyone considering adopting a life of entrepreneurship , double/parallel:


Adapt to change

Has any entrepreneur’s ambition to adapt to changing conditions. You can use the change to promote your company instead of damaging it.

You may need to rework the original idea … then re-work it again. Probably have to make big changes to your business plan the primary… etc ..
Many of the things that force entrepreneurs to adapt and modify strategies, products or services.


In extreme cases, may force the market to rethink everything, as happened to me in 2008. I worked in (Wall Street-Wall Street) and never in tension alone. The situation continued like that until he began the mission in the organization that I work outside of the market with the deterioration of the market and the collapse of the companies. Just when I thought seriously in the establishment of my own business. Although not demobilized to me, this business model New interested me more than to spend another day on Wall Street, so taken my first step in entrepreneurship. The realization of the fact that the market is changing -it is compelled to change with them – drove me to become the entrepreneur, the multiplier, which is an essential feature for any business owner is ambitious.


To meet the market need

To start and manage a successful business, whether it’s first or third or fifth, it is necessary to identify critical need in the market and try to meet them with a product or innovative service. Is not required always to be there (creative moment), especially with clear what is a commercial activity or a product which will lack the market. But through daily work in the market that it serves, the organization will start the vacant bail in front of you. Face your interest towards her!


For example, it has been my experience in risk management before launching my own business was able to expand my perspective about what’s missing in the market: tools to take risks.


Focused assessment tools to take risks only on tests of basic personality, and I wanted to provide a tool for ensuring cash flow to service long-term objectives to clients better. Pushed my desire to fill the void in my first job to launch my third company.


Always look for ways to improve your product or your services – you never know when you can lead a moment of innovation and creative to draw a business plan or even a new company completely.


Hired the right team


حياة ريادة الأعمال

Will all the major works of many of the failures, especially those who run many companies. But the lessons of how to overcome these failures. Maybe funding, or delayed the launch date, or on the other side, there may be a flow of unexpected orders.


In my case, the request to launch my third company is planning significant barriers, such as optional to the development team of the error. Usually the use of the phrase “you get what you pay for” and this was true in my case. In the end, I realized this error and through market research the most comprehensive, managed to employ the right team that enhanced the production rather than hinder it. Thus becoming -as a company – initializer better by overcoming these failures.


Know your limits

Each company owner to find out the time when it reached its maximum. What are some indicators for it?

The first is to be the quality of your work does not meet your standards.: the tax your work on multiple tasks is that it does not accomplish any of them the way you want. Second, with respect to the exposure of your work with your personal life: when he buys my kids busy for a long period of time, I know that the time has come to act. The solution to over-work is to re-evaluate priorities. This is not to deny the possibility of finding the balance between personal life and professional life. In the end, needs an entrepreneur to know how to say (no).


Involving life of entrepreneurship on significant risks and working hours long, but it in turn creates the opportunity to get great rewards and be your own boss. May not fit everyone but it proved to be very suitable for me.

This is what leads me to my final piece of advice: no one can predict the future, so don’t be afraid to draw your future by yourself.


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