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Although WhatsApp outperform the telegram when it comes to numbers of users, but the application telegram is enjoying a very strong following of users due to being safer, the app provides a range of innovative features and useful that might not be clear to everyone, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the application telegram.

The name of the user

When setting up the app, you must enter your phone number and add your first name, if you do not wish to appear under your real name or your phone number, or just want to be more creative then using a custom username, you can do that by going to Settings and clicking on the user name.

The name of the custom user

The only obstacle with the use of the name of the custom user is that each user name is available only once, chances are if you are going to tell the name of a common or something of this kind, it has been used previously, but there is a solution, if you want to use your user name is common, you can contact our support team to get to, but provided that you may use this name to service two different at least, and you can communicate with the support team by going to Settings and clicking on the Ask a question.

Turn off the preview message

Lock-screen notifications and previews of messages are usually advantages very useful, but sometimes you don’t want to let everyone near your phone at a rate of writes you and what they write, and you can disable message Preview in the app, by going to Settings then notifications and sounds, and then turn off message preview.

Customize notifications and the colors of the LED

You can not only set custom notifications in telegram to your contacts, you can also set the LED colors, given that we are talking about the notifications LED, you’ll need to a smart phone running Android there has to be a notification LED for this to work.

You can set your notifications by clicking the contact information and then click on notifications and sounds, and you will have options to change notifications and patterns of vibration and sound, priority, and color of the LED.

Turn off notifications contact individual

If you want to ignore the name of the connection on the telegram just select the contact and click on information and then go to notifications and click on deactivate.

The response from the Home screen using the notification pop-up

The ability to reply directly from your home screen is very useful, the app lets you the ability to enable pop-up notifications to the Home screen by going to Settings then notifications and sounds, then click on the notifications pop-ups.

Change the phone number

While it doesn’t happen often, but it’s possible that you end up to change your phone number in place, you can easily switch your old number new number in a telegram, simply go to the settings and clicking on the phone number, then you have to press to change the number.

Customize chat background

If you want to customize the chat background in the app you must connect to the settings, and then select the background of the chat and select one of the images preset or an image from your own Gallery.

Management downloads media in telegram

Allows you to telegram to send files up to 1.5 GB, but it is possible to fill all free space on your phone and consume your data, the easiest way to control this is to prepare the files that you want to download and when the application should do so.

If you are in the way, you may not want the telegram to download this video huge who sent it to you someone, and in your data settings media you should click on Settings and then choose data storage, and then select the photos or voice messages, or video or videos or animations to achieve what you want download it automatically.

Hide media from your gallery

Don’t you want to share photos and videos shared with you on the telegram in your gallery? Just go to Settings and deactivate the ceremony in the temple.

Hide last seen

You can customize the settings of another appearance for you on the app, you can toggle who can see the last appearance, and he can’t even see it add the exceptions to your rule, and to cancel or customize another appearance on the app, go to Settings and then privacy and security, and then another appearance.

Read the messages without knowing the sender

Do you want to read the message without seeing the sender you read it? Well, you this small trick, when you receive a message, turn on Airplane mode, then open the app and read the message, once completed, close the application and restart your data, and the sender knows you never read his letter.

The self-timer to rotate the images and secret conversations

Needs to telegram feature that allows chat or voice to destroy itself, so the app allows you to set a temporary self-destruct your messages, this feature is currently available in secret chats only, but easy to activate, where you can activate it by pressing the 3 buttons in the top left corner, and select Set temporary self-destruction, and you will have the choice between one second and one week.

There is a feature similar to the self-images, which should not be used in a confidential conversation, just select the photo you want to send from the gallery, then click the clock icon to set the timer.

Lock chat

One of the reasons that make people prefer telegram so much is the advantages of built-in security multiple, giving you one of these advantages lock The chat even if someone got access to your phone, you won’t be able to read the chat logs, and to improve the pass code you should move to Settings and then privacy and security, and then passcode lock, then enter a code of 4 numbers, and you can also choose to cancel the lock of the chat using your fingerprint, and now after you set a passcode, you can click on the lock in the upper left corner of the chat and lock chat.

Reply directly to messages in group chats

If you have a lot going on in group chat, you have always the option to reply directly to the message in the chat, just long press on the message and select Reply.

Search for old messages

The app lets you search for messages using the search function Built-in, where you can do that by connecting to the chat you sent the message, and clicking on the three dots in the upper left corner then you click on search, and you can then enter the text or keyword that you are looking for the application will filter the messages on your behalf.


Lets telegram also use the hashtag # “tag” to create partitions virtual is re-assembling all the messages related to the subject, in order to use this function, you only need to write # write attribute to create the relationship of the new classification or to determine pre-existing relationship of those that appear in the preview immediately after entering the #.

Check the active sessions

Supports telegram access to your chats on multiple devices at the same time, it may be useful sometimes to get an overview on devices that still get a session active, if moved to Settings then privacy and security and then active sessions, where you can find the place where login to currently, and if you want you can log out and terminate sessions.

Posters and animation GIF

We’re not talking here about emoji simple but real photos can be used to express emotions the most versatile, which are characterized by graphics, most detailed, and the stickers are the kind of shapes on the graphics which can be downloaded in a complete package with different themes or individually, you can also create a model of your own by writing @stickers and then the emoji icon that you want.

Can search for animated GIFs and send it between the contacts through the guide inside the app itself, so you won’t have to search in Google send static image to play with contact, you only need to attach an animated GIF introduction of the telegram itself.

Change style and color

Received application team the Android System Update recently, it has added support for themes, and by using this feature the user can customize the app interface by using one of the appearances that have been previously configured or the use of creativity and content creation, as you can choose the color of both the button text and tab background for the app, to change the appearance of the app you should follow the following steps:

  • Open the app and click on Settings.
  • In the settings app, Tap on “pattern”, and you can choose between one of the topics listed default blue or dark.
  • If you want to create a custom style select the Create a new style, then enter a name and confirm it by clicking OK.
  • Click the icon for the drawing board to the left of the “Create new style” and select the item you want to change its color.
  • Now just select color for each of the elements listed and the “Save”, finally select the “Save theme”.

Customize and edit photos

You can customize the pictures you send with friends in several different ways, where you can draw on the photo, in addition to adding stickers or text, there is also the editor of the little pictures within the app comes with the possibility to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other aspects of the image, just select the photo or video to select it as you normally would, and click the Edit icon to start the customization.

Edit sent messages

The app allows you to edit the messages sent so you can correct spelling errors strange errors and other similar, you only need to specify the message sender by clicking on it, then choose modify, and then fix the error message will appear modified in the chat by a little next to it to indicate that it was content editing.

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