Tip: ways to enhance the security of Google Chrome

Millions are using the browser Google Chrome daily on their computers, but few know all the settings of the building browser plugins that enhance the safety of usage, which is what we intend to mention here.

Protection against dangerous websites

There are sites classified by Google as dangerous to their malicious software, and get a little experience falling victim to these sites, unless it’s for the option “secure browsing” settings > sync services to Google.

Data encryption

A lot of is used as a tool to save passwords game browser Google Chrome, in order to avoid reading websites for this data, you must activate the option to encrypt the user name and passwords account Google it is located settings > sync services to Google.

Blocking tracking sites

Tracking websites user Google Chrome to target ads which I can’t block it Google Chrome, but in some cases you sites create a profile for the user target, in many cases, which can be prevented by activating the setting “send requests do not track” privacy and security settings.

However, some sites ignore the request and track the user in any case, here are advised to add Ghostery that claim to prevent user tracking in full, and will notify you if the will the web site follow your.

Do the authentication

Authentication means that if one calculates the Google on a new device, you must agree to process the registration code is sent to your phone or e-mail or an application authentication.. and you can follow the steps to activate the authentication from [here].

The goal of this feature is to protect the data the user name and passwords registered to Google Chrome, so the alternative option is not to use the tool to save the password and activate the option no automatic registration of the password settings and use add Auto ensure the security of their you log out automatically from the websites.

Add HTTPS protocol

Begin URLs with HTTP or HTTPS, a word on how secure the exchange of personal data with the site, also HTTPS encrypts any data exchange with the site, and therefore can not be a third party to test the communication between the user and the site and data only stunt complex, unlike the HTTP protocol which does not encrypt communication with the website, here comes the role of add HTTPS Everywhere , which adds encryption layer to all sites.

To prevent the encroachment of foreign currency

From months malware that spread on sites recently is the software used capabilities of computers users in the mining of coins to their owners, which can be avoided completely by using add minerBlock.

A third party tool to save passwords

Advised not to rely on the tool for Google Chrome to save passwords and use a service like LastPass.

“Also read — guide to use the password manager LastPass

Design of a network virtual

Virtual networks add a layer of protection when using Wi-Fi networks in general, or what you know a VPN service, but know that plugins and free programs usually reduces the speed of the internet connection.

Knowing the origin of the short link

Sometimes short link to what is suggested to him, but with the addition of Unshorten.link, it can find out the origin of the short link without increasing the offer in the post if you want to increase it or not.

Prevent to sign in to Google Chrome

Actually, the default browser Google Chrome to log on to the browser immediately log on to the e-mail which may expose your data to risk when multiple people use the same case, so it is recommended to activate the option to prevent logged in to chrome from Settings.

Prevent sites from knowing the payment methods saved

An option exists Settings Privacy and security.

Update your browser

Go check updates to the Chrome browser by clicking on the three dots icon top right and then log on about; because the updates usually include addressing the gaps of modern security that may be exploited on a large scale.

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