Tip: How to use reverse charging phones Galaxy S10

If you purchase any of the Samsung phones Galaxy S10 the new smart, you’ll be able to use the wonderful feature called company name PowerShare or to allow reverse.

These phones can across these beautiful waters from charging any smart phone or any other devices support wireless charging Qi.

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How to use reverse charging phones Galaxy S10

– Pull the screen downward to access Quick Settings.
– Click on the icon Reverse Charging – Wireless PowerShare to activate them.
– You will be given information including an alert that the covers of protection may reduce the quality of the shipping.
– Now put the phone on the screen is inverted, and to affix any phone or other device supports wireless charging standard Qi.
– Will begin immediately the process of reverse charging wirelessly.
– You can use the phone or the clock or others that you shipped it naturally always phone Galaxy S10 committed to doing well of the back.

Above all, make sure that the phone battery Galaxy S10 with enough cargo, so that the feature will not work unless the card was a Galaxy S10 charged by at least 30%, Be sure to remove the covers from the hardware to take advantage of the water fully.

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