Tip: How to use notifications from the application Feedly

Considers the application of the Feedly one of the best ways to follow news and articles important to you, whether on your smartphone or laptop, where the app allows you to collect all the sources to follow the news from one place.

But, the app does not support notifications directly, an important feature, so that in the current situation comes News important and urgent, but the lack of notifications doesn’t make you follow first, you need to open the app to always follow new.

So, ask it to search for a solution to this problem, and found that by the external application carries the name IFTTT connects to the application Feedly, and notify you of all news and articles published.

How to use notifications from the application Feedly

– Download the application IFTTT from the App Store.
– Open the app through the search feature, it on Feedly.
– You will see some options, look on the notifications – Notification.
– Click on notifications to activate the feature.
– Connect your account بـFeedly application IFTTT.
– Will begin after the moment of receiving notices of news and articles new.

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