Tip: how to remove the ban on your account in the application WhatsApp

Do you know to in watts? I think so. It is known that the ban finishes you experience with the other party unless you uploaded it from your account, but recently we discovered a way that will allow you to lift the ban on your account, regardless of who has blocked you, or the amount of users who have blocked you.

How to remove the ban on your account in the application WhatsApp

  • Head to the app settings WhatsApp > account.
  • Delete your account application WhatsApp.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • Deleting the Account will remove you from deleting all messages IEC of all groups.
  • Confirm the process to delete the account.
  • Delete the app from your phone.
  • Now, reinstall the app on your phone and register a new account with the same phone number.
  • You can now re-use the app and sent from the blocked you earlier without a hitch.

This process is similar to the process of the other application of Twitter, but in reverse, so that if one of the following Your, and you don’t want it, the tops of the prohibition and the ban it will be removed from the list of people who are following you. Read also: tip: how to cancel someone’s following your account on Twitter

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