Tip: how to relay the journey of the car Tesla Roadster from the earth until Mars

Last week, the fired CEO of SpaceX Elon musk Tesla Roadster red famous on a trip to space on a rocket Falcon. Mobile cameras to control the broadcast of the flight for a few hours. But if you want to know where the car location now in this universe, there is a site on the internet is designed for this purpose. Site Whereisroadster.com keeps track of the vehicle based on NASA data, and gives you just an idea about the car’s location and speed driven, but offers some tidbits of fun such as the abolition of a guarantee of 36 thousand miles, which means they help on their own responsibility! As of this writing, within the car about 2.3 million miles from Earth and towards Mars at a speed 6,731 miles per hour, which is about 137 million miles from Mars, so that is expected to reach its destination by 2091.

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