Tip: How to extend the battery life of the Galaxy S10

Despite the fame of Samsung phones that they do not have the longest battery lifetime, they have batteries with a large capacity, which with a little bit of soil that can last a full day, but certainly this depends on how much you use your phone and what you do to him, has been facing a lot of users of phones Series Galaxy S10 of some of the special problems of the age of the battery, here are some tips on how to improve battery life.

First: disable the feature Always On Display

Is a fantastic feature added by Samsung in the last few years, while phones Galaxy S10 screens are used to amold, which means that each pixel is lit up separately, so this would be the best screen compared to the LCD, but it does not improve battery life, in operation interface, One new UI launched by Samsung late last year, there are new options to choose this feature, where we recommend choosing to turn them off completely.

To adjust the settings of the Always On Display go to Settings > Lock Screen > settings Always On Display then adjust the settings according to your desire.

Second: change the display resolution

Comes Galaxy S10 screen resolution Quad HD+, Live battery life, you need to make the accurate screen display full HD+ if you want to prolong the life of the battery is larger you can convert them to the HD+, it is likely to notice a difference, but keep in mind that for many, the tradeoff is worth it.

Third: check the stats of the battery

In some districts wonder why the uniqueness of our Cards is quick, just check the stats of the battery, then you will be able to find out which applications or things that cause it, and of Statistics go to Settings > care devices > battery > statistics of the battery, and if you want to see more statistics, you can use the screen of statistics of the battery, once your knowledge for the application that consumes your battery you can reduce the use it or uninstall it if you don’t need or don’t use it.

Fourth: use the power saving modes of the Samsung

Let’s say you spend a lot of time on your phone all day long and you can’t get to a charger, but you need to your device for a little longer, then you can use the power saving modes provided by Samsung for this purpose only, and to get to these settings go to Settings > care devices > battery > options-Power Mode > mode “enhanced”, and will give you this situation the best balance in performance and battery life there are other situations most notably is to provide the maximum energy which occurs as much as possible of wasted energy.

Where would you click to provide the energy expected to reduce the battery drain and turn off the Always On Display and the CPU speed to about 70%, this will also reduce the brightness by about 10% with respect to the accuracy, when Quad HD+, which gives you three hours of battery life, but definitely this depends on your use also, while running power saving mode maximum all it does is the option to save the middle class, but it lowers the accuracy of the width of the screen to the HD+, which gives you a few extra hours.

Fifth: use a black background and the time of the dark

Thanks to the screens amold, the dark mode and use the black backgrounds, you will save a lot of energy, and to turn the dark mode, you can press the “Night” Switch in quick settings, or you can go to Settings > Display > Night Mode, you can specify the dates to run it automatically, and for the background, black is an important choice, but it won’t look as pretty as some of the colored backgrounds other, especially with the wonderful screen, but it will save you several hours of battery life so it’s worth a try.

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