Tip: How to enhance the download speed on the PlayStation 4

There are several factors necessary to promote internet connection, including the device settings, which uses the internet method of use, here’s tips to enhance the download speed on the PlayStation 4:

Focus on download each file individually

Play free online games or download multiple files at one time, reduces the speed of the analysis, we recommended the following:

1. Don’t play the game online during the download.

2 – if you notice that PlayStation 4 is trying to download several files at once grant the following steps:

– Click on the button home and go to notifications in the main menu.

– After that, head to the conversions, where you’ll find a list of files that are loaded.

– Stand on one of the files that are loaded and the X button appears the option to leave.

– Follow the steps for all the files that you don’t want to use the downloaded.

Activation of the Comfort mode

Some users reported that comfort mode (Rest Mode) can enhance the download speed, so you can try it after you make sure you have enabled the download in Rest Mode by following steps:

– Go to Settings from the main menu.

– Select the power save settings.

– Choose the preparation of nurses available through link.

– Select then the “Keeping connected to the internet”.

– Then you can be sure that the file you want to download it under the download from the Notifications, then click and hold on the button home, and choose to enter in Comfort mode.

Change the DNS settings

Displays the domain name system (DNS) that is responsible for transforming the name of the sites to an IP address which is the process required to enter to connect to web sites, so change your DNS settings to use the servers of the world famous such as Google, can increase the speed of response, both on your computer or PlayStation, and the PlayStation 4 implementation steps the following:

– Go to Settings > Network Internet.

– Choose set up a the internet, then the internet connection type: WiFi or wired.

– Then choose traditional and enter the following settings to use the DNS Google. And then restart the PlayStation 4.

Automatic IP Address Settings
Do Not Specify DHCP Host Name
Manual DNS Settings Primary DNS Secondary DNS
Automatic MTU Settings
Do Not Use Proxy Server

Done! You probably won’t notice much difference to the implementation of all the preparation of the above mentioned separately, but implemented with May comes the positive impact big.

Finally, there are some tips and truisms to enhance the speed of conversion such as replacing the Wi-Fi Connection Wired if possible to avoid the constraints of the wireless connection or use your reinforced signal with the wireless connection.

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