Tip: how to delete your tweets Twitter once

There are many services designed to help you manage your history in Twitter with. Some are free, some charge a subscription fee, perhaps the most popular is a service TweetDelete is performing free on the internet enables you to delete all the tweets and responses in your Twitter site.

How to delete your tweets Twitter once using TweetDelete

  • Log in to the service website from here, and agree to the terms of use and login account Twitter.
  • Your account will be linked to the service, the process will take a few seconds.
  • After profit, you will be returned to the location service so that you will notice the face the words:”
  • There are 3 options down to the above statement, namely: 1 – Delete all tweets without end 2 – notice your friends that you’ve deleted your tweets 3. Follow – up the service account on Twitter You can specify the appropriate options for you and remove the selection of options gas suitable to you and press the green button “Activate TweetDelete”.

  • A dialog window will popup asking you to confirm the process that will lead to delete the entire tweet, with the inability to get it back.
  • Now the activated service account and within a short period delete the tweets that you selected, and you can follow the process of your profile.

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