Tip: how to buy your service, Spotify in the Arab States

Spotify is a music service famous be accessed from a computer or from a smart phone, and in many countries around the world, several Arab states, but it is possible to use the service in a way or another in the Arab States. The process you need to the VPN software to change IP address to an American address, so that you can register and get all its advantages, where if you register without using a VPN will not be able to participate and to continue service work. Read also: all you need to know about VPN

How to buy you Service Spotify in the Arab States

  • Download Spotify – spotify from the App Store.
  • After running VPN (us only), register the account in the app.
  • Activate the account via e-mail.
  • Now you can login and search for music, build your list, but you won’t be able to download music to listen to without the internet.
  • For this you need to subscribe to a paid service that cost$ 10 a month, by cards Gift Cards available on eBay or Amazon and other electronic stores.
  • After obtaining the card, enter its number in the service’s website from here.
  • Will now activate your paid account, and take advantage of all the features for a full month.
  • In the event you want to opt for more than a month at once, there are cards for 3 months priced at$ 30 or a full year at the price of 60$ is available on e-stores.

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