Tip : how to broadcast android games to YouTube and twitter

If you have a phone running Android and love the games or you have the fan base or the like in its composition by the action of live professional not only the camera but the screen of the phone also when playing directly through one of the platforms to share content, we are pleased to tell you that you are in the right place, in this article we will review a way to broadcast games on Android, one of the most famous platform in this area, namely YouTube and twitter.


If you are looking to start broadcast games from your phone easily on the platform of the YouTube application YouTube for games (link) is the best way for you, and everything you need to get started is download the app and be on a strong WiFi connection to be able to broadcast games directly den interruption.

How to broadcast games using the YouTube app Video Games :

1. From the Home screen youtube of the games, click the button to Broadcast .
2. Select the quality of fire – 720p HD or 480p SD and if you want live tv, or record locally on your phone.
3. You will get some lines that once you start the broadcast, will begin to display the content of your screen including notifications, calls, passwords and any thing you show it will be visible to viewers if you turn your phone to put the “Do not disturb”.
4. After that, it’s time to choose the game that you want to broadcast, will give the app a list of apps recommended to infuse, but you can scroll down until the Expand list to include all the applications on your phone.
5. The tops of the toxicity of the broadcast entitled attractive and a thorough description so viewers know potential play.
6. Send a link to the broadcast on social networks and even displays all of your friends and followers what you intend to do.

After that you will have one screen that tells you the review to start recording the screen, your phone will load the game you selected in addition to the controls in the screen recording. Before the start of the broadcast.

The application will use front camera to show your face while playing, you can switch the repositioning of the bubble the camera to any place you want it on your screen so that it does not hinder you during Play or cover important information about your viewers.

Once you start the broadcast, the bubble floating is where you’ll find all the controls in the broadcast also gives you statistics about viewership, etc.


Service Twitch is home to the largest community broadcast games via the internet, but unfortunately, the broadcast on Twitter from an Android device more complicated than youtube.

For starters, the application of the Twitch mobile does not allow you to currently broadcast games from your phone to your account at Twitch and this feature will be added certainly later, at the present time in order to broadcast the games android via the home we need a computer running one of the programs OBS is connected to the phone via cable with activate the mode USB debugging.

Allows software OBS to record or stream games from your Android device through your PC running Windows or Mac or Linux and to make your phone be prepared to share your screen with your computer, you will need to unlock the developer options on your phone by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings then “about phone”.
2. Click the build number “build number” 10 times until you unlock developer options.
3. Enter the developer options and turn on USB debugging.

After that, you’ll need to find a reliable application to turn the phone screen on the window on the computer ( as Vysor) once you have completed the setup OBS with your Twitter account, connect your phone to your computer, and began to broadcast using a webcam computer.

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