Tiny drones can open doors to 40 times heavier than their

One of the most promising ideas about the achievements in the field of robotics suggests a potential applications, for example, during catastrophes and disasters. People are miracles, rescuing each other, but we often can’t squeeze through areas that are littered with debris, can’t rush into a burning building and find people who find themselves in a quandary. A new type of drone, developed by scientists from Stanford University and Disney Research, can be extremely useful for such scenarios.

Tiny drones FlyCroTug not only small enough to navigate tight areas, but can also pull many times its own weight in order to access new areas and even to open doors.

Small but perfectly formed

“Command those drones could work together, performing complex tasks with manipulation of objects”, says a student at Stanford University Matt Estrada. “We have demonstrated the opening of the door, but this approach can be used to move debris, extraction of the object of interest from the disaster zone and turn the lever”.

Tiny drones are specially equipped to work with large challenges, thanks to the innovative mounting system that allows them to be attached to objects to cling to them and fit snugly. The work demonstrates the development of these drones, was published in Science Robotics.

It is important to note that although drones are very capable for their small size, they still require remote control from the human operator. It’s not drones with artificial intelligence who work on their own, however this does not mean that in the future they will not be able to acquire so. For the most part they are designed to work in extreme conditions.
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