Tim Cook warns of the dangers of social networking on children



Joined Tim Cook to the list of Directors of major technology companies that warn of the perils of technology generally or of some of their uses like social networking.

Tim Cook said that he had no children, but his brothers kids and puts restrictions on the use of their development where there are things not permitted, such as on social networks.

And the same it did not join personally and officially, for any social network, and does not see that the addiction used to mean it is the best technology available and achieve success.

Cook’s position this is not new as it was throughout the past years seems to be worried about the negative impact of development with special focus on social networks and their impact on our lives.

Given the largest social network today is Facebook, Sean Parker of the founders not described one day as “the beast” so that “God knows what you do brains of children.”

Worth noting that Bill Gates had made his position clear. also where did not called to his children from the use of technology before the age of 14 years and the period limited.

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