Tim cook told about the products Apple will release in a few years

Apple is actively working on products that will be released no earlier than 2020, said Tim cook in an interview with Fast Company. They, according to the top Manager, will have a major impact on the industry. Thus, says cook, it does not matter whether the Apple first or yield the position of a pioneer to one of your competitors.

“Take the iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, says CEO. — None of the products were not the first of its kind, but each was the first of its superiority [over the other], right? In each case we started developing before the competition, but we had the patience to bring the product to mind.”

The hardest part of developing new products is to think ahead of the curve, says cook. Today, when the world is enjoying the iPhone X, Apple should be clear about what technology will be in demand in 3-4 years. “Fortunately, we have products idea, which we plan to 2020 years,” he finished the thought the CEO.

On the question of the purpose, which puts Apple, cook replied that they are not profit or shareholder value. “For me, [the goal] is to meet the needs of people. Have we been able to make a quality product and improve someone’s life? Obviously, these things are inextricably linked and lead to success,” admitted the CEO.

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