Tim cook talked about Steve Jobs and the Apple philosophy

Apple CEO Tim cook in an interview with Bloomberg talked about a defining moment in his life, shared details of meeting with Steve jobs, and told about the values of Apple.

About how did Tim cook about the possibility of running for President of the United States:

I am far from politics. I believe that I can do for the world more being in its place.

On why he decided to leave the place in Compaq, accepting the invitation of Steve jobs work at Apple:

Steve returned to the company in 1997 and was able to Eclipse the entire top management of the company, who worked there at the time. It was a great opportunity to talk with a person who has started a new industry. Steve met me on Saturday. Our communication was very short, but I was truly shocked. I’ve never seen such a gleam in his eyes. He was always very special, not like others did.

Tim noted that the transition to Apple became a key point, adding that it was perhaps the best decision in his life.

About how Apple’s CEO refers to the negative forecasts of analysts with regards to financial performance:

Perhaps, once it’s disturbed, but it is no longer so. All decisions made by Apple – verified. So it seems to me a strange desire to make any conclusions based on quarterly figures. We do not aim to earn money in a short period of time. More important for us to manage the company in the long term.

With Regards To The Apple Park:

Steve had an idea of what should be a workplace. It is this concept became the basis of Apple Park. The shared workspace allows people to work together even when they don’t plan. It expands the creative scope allows you to see things from different sides. And it really works.

We also touched upon the topic of confidentiality.

We believe that privacy is one of basic human rights. We see that the problem with the lack of privacy takes on a different character. For its services, we use the minimum number of data users and only in order to provide the best user experience. Of course, we are very much working to keep these data safe. For these purposes, encryption is used.

At the end of the conversation Tim cook said why iPhone has been so successful.

It is a deep product. It was a product that changes the rules of the game. If you look at the presentation of the first iPhone, you feel how much he was important to Steve and to Apple in General. I remember it so well like it was yesterday.

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