Tim Cook shared four pictures of amazing nature captured by the iPhone to celebrate Earth Day

Share Tim Cook yesterday on his Twitter account 4 Pics great natural captured by the iPhone to celebrate Earth Day. And out of these images between the displayed image close to a snake and giraffe in the woods down a tree, and a frog small sits in the flower, Penguins with mountains in the background.

Apple has released earlier a statement to the press of Earth Day, ask our project to protect mangrove trees, because these trees absorb carbon by ten times the amount of wild trees.

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Nature was also a central task in the short film The Last which has been filming strong feelings for wildlife, the iPhone XS is the owner of the main role in this video.

Bought the video on the zebras, and sea lions, Owls, elephants, bison, and Viper rattlesnakes, Sharks, horses, and rhinos, adding to the stunning natural scenery of deserts, collapse of the ice and the storms of lightning and waves and lava.

Celebrating the of Apple Stores is also Earth Day workshops, especially in eight main museums around the world.

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