Tim cook opposed the idea of merging the Mac and iPad

CEO of Apple Tim cook remains opposed to the idea of combining Mac and iPad. He told this in an interview given to the newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald.

We do not believe that the Mac and iPad can replace each other. Every single device perfectly copes with its task, since in the development we set clear goals, what role will carry a particular product. If you start to combine them, we will inevitably face trade-offs. I don’t think this is exactly what we expect from users.

Cook revealed that using a Mac at work and a tablet prefer to use at home and in travel.

Despite the fact that Apple’s CEO has denied the idea of combining, in a Network still there are rumors of a possible rapprochement between platforms. For example, insiders reported that the company plans to introduce support for universal appsthat can run on both iOS and macOS. How this corresponds to the real plans of Apple will know soon.

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