Tim Cook is looking ways to cooperate with Egypt

Within the activities of the conference of the Davos World Economic Forum, met Tim Cook, president of Apple development, the chairman of the Council of ministers Egyptian, Mustafa Madbouly in the presence of all the ministers of investment, trade and industry.

The prime minister referred to own the Egyptian government’s ambitious plan to transform the country into a hub for electronic technology in the region, thanks to the support of free trade agreements with many countries, try to attract direct investment from Apple TV to Egypt.

It was also to review the draft of the Ministry of Education Designed to provide 750,000 tablets per year for high school students there, in reference to the possibility of Apple TV contribute to this project by providing a large number of its units due to the continuation of the future, with drew attention to the ongoing work on the establishment of a new administrative capital alternative from the norm, next to the 14 city of new intelligent encourage investment in the field of technology.

Showed Tim Cook by his approval and attention of the company direct investment in Egypt, where he will study the plans and strategies proposed so.

This has been referred to the center of the Apple executive also the presence of 38 a developer to develop the iOS system that operates iPhones and iPads, expressing the uniqueness of the paper their skills in that area, with a special welcome to cooperation in the field of education, being in line with the objectives of the company, which encourages the company to visit Egypt soon to study the situation.

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